Inkyeverafter Press is not accepting submissions at this time.

However, if we think a client’s book has that something special and fits our Inkyeverafter criteria, we will invite you to join our book list, at no extra cost.

What it means to be on the Inkyeverafter book list?

If you are chosen you will be able to include the Inkyeverafter Press logo in your book.

The inclusion of our logo shows your book has been designed and marketed by us and is a mark of quality assurance.

You retain all rights over your book and are still regarded as the independent author or author-publisher of your own work.

Your work will be included in our shop with links to your on-line retailers such as Amazon, Kobo, Nook etc. We do not take any commission or fees on your Print on Demand sales. However if you would like us to handle the sales and shipping of physical books, there would be a small charge.

Your work will be promoted through our blog, mailing list and book club. You will receive the added benefit of our network to help promote your book to a further audience, free of charge.